Russian troops in Donbas exhausted: Gaidai named signs


Russian troops on Donbass dwindled: Gaidai named signs Ukrainian defenders confidently rebuff the Russian invaders. In the sixth month of the war, it becomes noticeable how exhausted the enemy is, including in the Donbass.


About this on air Channel 24said the head of the Luhansk police department Sergei Gaidai. According to him, this can be seen from what is happening on the front line.

He explained that for 4.5 months, during which the Luhansk region resisted the huge invasion of Russian infidels, they lost a huge number of personnel and hundreds of pieces of military equipment . Therefore, on the front line, certain units are now being redeployed, which could not continue hostilities – they were pulled away in order to somehow replenish reserves.

Private military companies such as “Wagner” are thrown into battle, because they are mercenaries, they do not need to be counted, in the statistics they do not pass as dead or wounded. We can count them, and especially our defenders count them very well,” says Sergei Gaidai.

What prisoners do in war

The head of the Lugansk OVO also spoke about Russian prisoners who agree to go to war in exchange for a reduction in the term of imprisonment. He noted that such a step is far from being taken by those who are not serving sentences for some minor administrative offense.

It is the worst criminals from Russian prisons who have committed terrible deeds that go to war. In this they have a chance to free themselves earlier and get free, if at all it can be said about Russia. However, in reality, they only die ahead of schedule.

It is quite difficult for such “fighters” to even surrender. As Gaidai explained, if they raise their hands and go to surrender, Russian troops will shoot them.

“They also cannot escape, and if they just go forward, then for our defenders it is an enemy that needs to be destroyed Only after certain attacks is it possible to stay on the battlefield, and from there our military can take them away,” he added. .

The head of the Luhansk region recalled that the Armed Forces of Ukraine control part of the Lugansk region, in particular the villages of Belogorivka and Verkhnekamenka. Fighting continues there, but for several weeks the invaders have not been able to pass the defense line. Gaidai believes that the Russians will not be able to reach the borders of the region and completely take control of the region.

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