Russians are already launching old Soviet missiles: flying wherever they want – Bratchuk


Russians are already launching old Soviet missiles: they fly wherever they want, – Bratchuk

Russians are already launching old Soviet missiles: they fly wherever they want – Bratchuk/Channel 24 collage

Russian occupiers started using old rockets from the USSR. Some were made back in the 60-70s of the last century.

Sergei Bratchuk, a representative of the Odessa Regional Military Administration, spoke about this on the air of the national telethon, Channel 24 reports. These missiles are especially inaccurate.

The Russians launch “junk”

According to Sergei Bratchuk, these missiles are not very controllable. They may not reach the target or simply explode in the air.

We see that the Russians began to use Soviet-style missiles of the 60-70s. “Superfood” as they say. Those rockets are just as crazy as the infidels. They fly where they please. It's good when they burst in the air, – said the speaker of the Odesa OVA.

Sergey Bratchuk notes that in Odessa and the region the situation is completely under control. Although the threat of missile strikes remains high: at night there was an air raid for an hour and a half, in the morning it was somewhat shorter. But, fortunately, there were no “arrivals”.

“There will be a time, I hope soon, when there are departures – and we will get to the Kremlin. Although we don’t need someone else’s, we won’t give up our own,” Serhiy Bratchuk emphasized.

As Alexander Kovalenko, a military-political observer for the Information Resistance group, noted earlier, now the Russians have begun to use Soviet-style X-22 cruise missiles. This may indicate that they are beginning to run out of stocks of modern missiles. The X-22 itself can deviate hundreds of meters from the target. Therefore, in no case do not ignore air raid alerts.

What is the situation in Odessa: important news

  • In Odessa, an enemy mine “floated” on one of the beaches due to a storm. People are asked to refrain from walking: they plan to neutralize it on the spot.
  • In addition, rescuers found a lot of enemy ammunition in the Odessa region. They urge local residents not to worry about the sounds of explosions. These dangerous items are also rendered harmless.
  • Russian infidels have been mercilessly shelling Odessa for several days. On May 12, a shock wave damaged the Vorontsov Palace. On May 11, infidels attacked one of the districts of the city, but there was no destruction. On May 10, they laid down the bridge across the Dniester estuary for the fourth time. And on May 9, infidels launched 7 rockets in general: there were dead and wounded.

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