Russians are being prepared for defeat: what do statements from the Kremlin mean and why Putin is “taxed” by air defense


Russians are preparing for defeat: what do statements from the Kremlin mean and why Putin is

The Russian leadership is systematically wishful thinking and boasting of imaginary military power. However, after the Rammstein meeting, the real sentiments of the Kremlin leadership emerged.

ThisChannel 24 was told by political scientist, head of the Center for Analysis and Strategies Igor Chalenko. In particular, Dmitry Medvedev, deputy head of the Russian Security Council, became hysterical.

Vladimir Putin's henchman suddenly admitted that the West has a lot of weapons. And if you need more, they will make it.

Why Medvedev is sad about Western aid to Ukraine

According to Chalenko, the Kremlin is really well aware of the situation in which they find themselves. Indeed, against the backdrop of Ukraine, which constantly receives military assistance from the West, the situation in Russia is only getting sadder. . The question is no longer even support for offensive actions. The Russians should at least keep the defense, – said the political scientist.

He recalled that recently the Russian dictator gave the order to increase the Russian army to 1.5 million troops. The political scientist noted that there is an important nuance in this order – Putin indicated that this should be done before 2026.

“That is, now the Kremlin understands that even from the point of view of carrying out various organizational measures, they are not capable of increase the army in the near future,” Chalenko said.

When Russians get in trouble, they pull out a “nuclear mace”

The head of the Center for Analysis and Strategies noted that when the Russians see that they have problems, they immediately take out a “nuclear mace.” That is why recently nuclear threats have been heard again from the same Medvedev, as well as State Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin.

However, this doesn't work at all. And in parallel, we see the situation that the forces that Russia is now throwing into battle in the East of Ukraine are getting worse and worse each time. But it was only one wave of mobilization that was carried out in Russia,” Chalenko said.

According to him, Moscow is not able to properly provide even 300,000 people who were drafted into the army in the fall of 2022. As the political scientist noted, then a logical question arises – how to provide for another half a million people whom the Kremlin is going to mobilize in the near future.

At the same time, Russia is hysterically strengthening its air defense. In Moscow, in a panic, air defense systems are being installed even on rooftops. Chalenko suggested that the Russian authorities might use this as an argument for a new mobilization.

The Russian leadership wants to show that Moscow and the Kremlin are under threat. But at the same time, there are panic moods among the initiators of this arrangement of air defense systems, the political scientist said.

He added that Vladimir Putin is “taxed” by air defense, contrary to his previous theses about the security of Moscow, and is doing it suspiciously quickly.

“It is likely that the Russians have certain data that the Ukrainians may have enough of those drones , which fly 1,000 kilometers. And the capital of Russia could potentially become a target,” Chalenko said.

The political scientist noted that the rhetoric of Russian propaganda has changed significantly recently. According to him, the propagandists began to spread the thesis that nothing terrible would happen if they had to give up the “new” territories. Like, Russia will win anyway.

Propagandists are already starting to prepare the Russians for defeat. This is a signal for Ukrainians and the entire civilized world that it is necessary to put pressure on Russia in 2023 and completely liberate Ukrainian territories. – stressed Chalenko.

He added that one should not pay attention to the fact that the occupiers are digging trenches for the camera and allegedly turning the occupied Crimea into an “impregnable fortress”.

“In fact, this is just a formality. Everything works differently for them, as it should. This shows the backwardness of the Russian army and determines the future of Russia not only in the war against Ukraine, but also after it,” the political scientist said.

According to Chalenko, the Russians are afraid of the collapse of their state. And when such processes begin, they cannot be stopped.

The situation in Russia: the latest news

  • A powerful explosion thundered again in Russia . This time, the explosion occurred at the metallurgical plant of the Moliren company.
  • Vladimir Putin's decree on declaring partial mobilization in Russia continues to operate. As the speaker of the Kremlin dictator Dmitry Peskov explained, this is all due to the fact that the decree “has other functions besides conscription.”
  • The Kremlin continues its hysteria with the installation of air defense. The Pantsir-S1 air defense system appeared already in the Novgorod region – near Putin's residence in the village of Yascherovo, Valdai district.

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