Russians are building fortifications and trenches in Crimea: photos and videos from the peninsula


Russians are building fortifications and trenches in Crimea: photos and videos from the peninsula

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that the Kremlin began to build fortifications and trenches between the settlements of Ishun and Voyenko in Crimea. The partisans have already shown the “strengthening” of the enemy.

Probably, fearing the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russians are building a fortification in the Krasnoperekopsky district in the north of Crimea. To do this, the enemies cut forest belts.

What do Russian fortifications in Crimea look like?

Subscribers to the Crimean Wind telegram channel posted a video of what enemy trenches look like in the Krasnoperekopsky district.

Strengthening the Russians between the settlements of Ishun and Voyenko: watch the video

In addition, the enemies are digging fortifications and trenches even not far from Chongar, in the Genichesk district of the Kherson region. It should be noted that this is actually the entrance to the Crimea from mainland Ukraine. After all, Chongar is the last village on the highway of international importance M18E105 in front of the Chongar bridge to the Crimea.

The defense of the Russians near Chongar / Photo “Crimean wind”

The enemies built a fortification near Chongar: watch the video

Also, the Russian invaders are fortifying between the villages of Ishun and Vorontsovka. In particular, fortifications are being built near the bridge across the Chatarlyk River.

They brought timber over the wagon, knocking down the formwork, probably for concrete work. On the contrary, trenches are being dug across the road,” local residents said.

The Russians are building fortifications between the villages of Ishun and Vorontsovka.

Strengthening the Russians in the Krasnoperekopsky district: watch the video

“Atesh” movement told the details of the “construction”

The military partisan movement in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine “Atesh” stated that their builders had already begun work

At the same time, we know in detail where and how the construction of fortifications proceeds. All weak points and holes in your defense. We guarantee that it will not help you, – said the participants of the movement.

They added that the builders of the Atesh movement are working not only near Chongar, but also at other sites throughout Crimea.

“As expected, half of the money was scattered by the Russians,” the movement added.

“Atesh” movement “helps” the occupiers to build buildings: watch the video

What is happening in Crimea: briefly

  • On the morning of March 18, it was not too calm in the temporarily occupied Sevastopol. After all, explosions were heard there, people wrote that shooting was heard. occupiers traditionally talk about “training”.
  • The Atesh movement said that it was conducting reconnaissance at the airfield in the occupied Saki. They released footage from the airfield.
  • In addition, the occupiers in Crimea hand out subpoenas even in colleges. Human rights activist Eskender Bariev said that the Russians handed out subpoenas to 4th year students of the Motor Transport and Railway Colleges. Although they are due to graduate in July 2023.

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