Russians are dangerously ill for the whole world, they are moving towards North Korea – Gaidai


Russians are dangerously ill for the whole world, they are moving towards North Korea, – Gaidai

Sergei Gaidai/

Russians are a dangerous sick nation for the whole world. They are moving towards North Korea and further isolating themselves from other countries.

This is the opinion of the head of the Luhansk OVA Serhiy Gaidai. He stated this on the air of Channel 24.

According to him, during these month and a half of the war it became noticeable that in Russia the population is simply sick, dangerously sick to the whole world.

They are really in the European countries where they live and work, they collect movements in support of the war of Russia against Ukraine. While living in Europe, which they hate. These are sick people, a sick nation absolutely. They are moving in the direction of North Korea,” says Gaidai.

The head of the Lugansk OVA does not rule out staging that the Russians can show that they defeated everyone, and Ukraine signed some kind of surrender, and they allowed us to live on.

“What Solovyov and the whole gang of propagandists are carrying can melt the brain of a normal person. But people believe them. However, we will give them a different picture here,” Gaidai added.

Sergey Gaidai on sick Russians and the great battle in Donbass:

By the way,default for Russia is already inevitable. This is evidenced by several signs that are the result of sanctions. The OPU argues that the restrictions against the aggressor state are only getting stronger. At the same time, the Russian Treasury has already suspended the transfer of debt funds in dollars from the country's US bank accounts.

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