Russians are frightened by “saboteurs from Ukraine” who are preparing terrorist attacks: “evidence” is imbued with absurdity


Russians are being frightened by

Leshchenko spoke about another absurdity from Russian propagandists/Screenshot from video

Russian propagandists will not get tired of publishing false “pearls” that cause only a sarcastic smile in adequate people. However, for the Russian audience they are ready to serve even frank rubbish from lies and inventions.

The Russians are doing their best to intimidate their society with the threat from Ukraine in order to somehow improve the affairs of the failed mobilization. For the sake of recruiting new “cannon fodder”, the Resolists are ready for any inventions and fantasies.

Absurdity about “saboteurs from Ukraine”

It seems that Putin decided to again scare the Russians in order to mobilize them before the war, as he did in the case of the war against Chechnya. At least, the propagandists have already begun to frighten the Russians with a similar scenario of the development of events, Sergei Leshchenko said. Also, in order to justify the war against Ukraine, the infidels are trying to present themselves as a victim, not an invader.

The Russian media began to report on Ukrainian “nationalist saboteurs” who intended to carry out a terrorist attack on Russian territory. One of these detentions was reported by the propaganda resource Rossiya 24.

According to the Russians, in the Kursk region, the FSB detained a man who was preparing a terrorist act in Kursk. Of course, the man coordinated his intentions with the Ukrainian special services, they could not do without it.

However, this was the last more or less logical fiction in this news. Because as evidence of involvement in Ukraine and intentions to commit terrorist attacks, the man was found with his own hand-made explosive devices (it is not clear which ones and with what charge), traumatic weapons (not firearms, because “terrorists” are afraid of hurting someone) and Nazi literature (obviously that it is simply impossible to commit a terrorist attack without it, so you must definitely take books with you.

It is likely that the Russians are running out of not only personnel for liquidation in Ukraine, but even the fantasy of propagandists, which was supposed to provide the Russian army with new “cannon fodder”.

Russia's war against Ukraine: briefly about the main thing

  • 53 seriously wounded heroes were evacuated from Azovstal… Now they are in the Novoazovsky hospital, then to return home they will be exchanged.
  • The Russians continue forced mobilization in the occupied territories.It became known that in Energodar they went to the houses of civilians and took away men.
  • President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that the operation to rescue the heroes from Azovstal had started. He made the corresponding statement in a traditional address to the Ukrainians.

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