Russians do not give up missile attacks, 32 missiles are ready, – OK “South”


The Russians are not giving up missile attacks, 32 missiles are ready, - OK "Yug"

The Russians have reduced the intensity of drone attacks due to weather conditions. But they keep four missile carriers in the Black Sea.

This was announced on the airChannel 24 by the speaker of the operational command “South”. According to her, the total salvo of these ships is 32 missiles.

A spokeswoman said that all four missile carriers are surface. The rest of both submarines and surface vessels returned to their bases.

The ship group is experiencing certain problems due to a storm at sea and gusty winds, and therefore there is a need for rocket launchers go to the base points, – explained Natalya Gumenyuk.

According to the speaker, this simplifies the operation of our surveillance system, since launches from submarines are difficult to detect. But despite the fact that surface launches are easier to detect, the Russians have 32 missiles at the ready.

“This suggests that the Russians have not abandoned the system of readiness for pinpoint or massive missile attacks,” Gumenyuk said.

The Russians are preparing a missile strike: watch the video

The weather helps us

The speaker believes that the weather conditions have contributed to the fact that the occupiers have reduced the intensity of the use of drones. This season, the storm warning and strong winds lasted longer than usual in the Southern Region.

At this time of the year, such weather is typical, but it had shorter periods, lasted a long time. Probably, nature is on our side, too,” Gumenyuk admitted.

According to the press secretary of OK Yug, the Russians are carefully studying the possibility of using drones, because they are now based remotely. The occupiers stepped up aerial reconnaissance to look for our air defense systems that prevent drones from making such long flights.

“Their performance is growing every time. As a rule, they take such measures every time to use a wave attack with drones,” said Natalia Gumenyuk.

Rocket attacks on Ukraine : important news

  • On January 21, Natalya Gumenyuk announced that the enemies were ready to launch rocket attacks. The Russians are active, conducting aerial reconnaissance.
  • There are 10 Russian ships in the Mediterranean Sea, of which 5 are carriers of Caliber missiles with a total salvo of 72 units. But Russia is unlikely to use them for rocket attacks on our state, because the flight paths of missiles should pass through NATO countries – Turkey or Greece.
  • Russian human rights activist and opposition politician Mark Feigin believes that the installation of air defense by Russians on their administrative buildings in Moscow may be a signal that the occupiers are planning an attack on Ukrainian decision-making centers. They want to hit Bankova, but they understand that they will receive retribution.

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