Russians engage in racketeering in Kherson region – SBU


Russians are racketeering in Kherson region, - SBU

Russians are engaged in racketeering in the Kherson region/TSN telephone conversations of Russian enemies. They once again prove to the Ukrainians what vile and vile creatures we are dealing with.

This time they intercepted the conversation of the invader with his wife, he was talking about how they are engaged in racketeering in the temporarily occupied Kherson region. At the same time, he himself is from an illegal quasi-republic in Donetsk.

Our checkpoint is normal, but the neighbors surprised … They began to “shake” money from the Ukrainians. A thousand rubles fare, – he said to the woman in Russian.

At the same time, he said that in free time they drink heavily, skirmishes and “stabbing” of some with others begin.

The enemy “self-destructs”

In a conversation between the occupier and his wife, he says that in this way they self-destruct.

“They were getting drunk… Everyone’s ‘roof’ is already moving slowly… At one checkpoint they shot each other, at another they cut each other,” he posts enemy through numerous swear words in the lexicon.

Moreover, he even promised the woman that he would allegedly be at home until May 9. The SBU, however, does not know which year he had in mind.

He probably forgot to specify that, most likely, he would return in a plastic bag. If the Ukrainian defenders do not destroy it, then there are high chances that one of the soldiers of the “bluest” army in the world will do it – after another bottle of vodka, the SBU says.

You should hear the conversation occupier from SBU

What else do the enemies say in intercepted conversations

  • The SBU often publishes conversations about Russian invaders of various content with their relatives, friends or acquaintances. For example, they talk about the looting of soldiers from Chechnya, who are fighting on the side of the Russians. One of the Russian infidels, who is in the Kherson region, complains to a friend on the phone that the Chechens stole a gun from him.
  • In addition, the Russians cynically boast of their atrocities that they commit on our land. In a telephone conversation, the Russian commander told the woman how the invaders killed the mother in front of the children. But she took the crime calmly and even began to justify it, which does not fit in her head.
  • They also say that the Ukrainians are putting up strong and large-scale resistance to the Russian occupiers. They admit that it demoralizes them. They are in a panic, criticizing their command. They also claim that it has abandoned them and is drinking. At the same time, the Ukrainians are hitting the invaders with all possible means.

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