Russians entered Belogorovka several times, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine fought each time – Gaidai


The Russians entered Belogorovka several times, but the Armed Forces fought each time, – Gaidai

Ukrainian military/Getty Images

Russian invaders want to completely capture the Luhansk region. Therefore, they storm settlements several times, such as Belogorovka. However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine repel the offensive.

The enemy further pulls all his troops into the village. This was announced by the head of the Lugansk regional military administration, Sergei Gaidai, on July 10. “bloquote cke-markup”>Russians entered Belogorovka several times, but the APU knocked them out every time. The enemy is concentrating troops near Belogorovka, shelling the surrounding settlements, inflicting air strikes, and is still unable to quickly occupy the entire Luhansk region, the report says.

The head of the Luhansk Regional Military District added that only on the last night the Russians committed 7 artillery attacks and 4 missile strikes.

The main from Sergei Gaidai as of the morning of July 10

  • over the past day, the Russians failed to advance further;
  • AFU blew up yet another warehouses deep behind enemy lines;
  • Russians are trying to supply electricity to Lisichansk from Luhansk;
  • they will not be able to restore centralized water supply;
  • Severodonetsk remains without communications – the city is expecting a communal collapse;
  • hundreds of billions of hryvnias will be needed to restore the infrastructure of these cities.
  • invaders lost about 20 tanks in the Donetsk direction;


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