Russians equip strongholds in Bryansk region – General Staff


Russians are equipping support points in the Bryansk region, – General Staff

Russians are equipping strongholds in the territory of the Bryansk region/Photo from the Facebook of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukraine continues to fight the invasion of Russian invaders. In addition to active hostilities, the enemy also commits various provocations.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported regular news about the operational situation at the front. The data was published as of the evening of May 24.

The General Staff on the Seversky direction

Despite the fact that the Russian infidels retreated from the North of our states, they continue their provocations. In particular, they are shelling border areas on the territory of the Sumy and Chernihiv regions. They even tried to break through the border, but our military stopped them courageously.

According to the General Staff, in the Seversky direction, the enemy continues to take various measures to cover a section of the Ukrainian-Russian border.

Also, Russian invaders are equipping strongholds in the territory of the Bryansk region there. The enemy again launched air strikes on civilian and military infrastructure in the Sumy region.

Situation at the front

  • The threat from Belarus has not gone anywhere either. The chances that Belarusian troops will directly invade our country are minimal. But from there, shelling of our territory can continue, as it has been, and can continue. This is confirmed by the fact that the aggressor deployed the Iskander-M missile system 50 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. And on the section of the border with Volyn and Zhytomyr region, the Belarusian military cover the border.
  • The hottest points of the front are the East of our state. The enemy is actively advancing there, but the armed forces are reliably holding the line. At the same time, Russian infidels slightly improved their position near the village of Vasilievka in the Bakhmut direction. And in the Kharkiv region, they are trying to gain a foothold in the western and northern environs of Ternova.
  • Also, the Russians still believe that they will be able to force the Seversky Donets River. They have already been smashed more than once near Belogorovka, which has become almost the second Chernobaevka. In general, the situation in the direction of Severodonetsk is very difficult for our troops. The enemy wants to encircle our units once again. Ukrainian forces are doing everything possible to prevent this from happening.

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