Russians hang Ukrainian flag on equipment, and rejoicing people are taken prisoner – Fedorov


The Russians hang the Ukrainian flag on their vehicles, and capture happy people, – Fedorov

Russian bullying of Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territories is striking in its cruelty. The invaders come up with new ways to identify pro-Ukrainian citizens and take them prisoner.

This Channel 24 told the mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov. According to him, the Russians arrange a lot of provocations to hunt down patriotic citizens.

Patriots are taken prisoner

Ivan Fedorov said that now in the occupied Melitopol, the Russians are resorting to cunning ways to identify Ukrainian patriots. After they are expelled, hiding behind the Ukrainian military, at best they are taken prisoner and forced to do various work to strengthen the defense lines.

There are a lot of provocations, ranging from the fact that they hang the Ukrainian flag and numbers on military equipment, and look at the reaction, how civilians will react and immediately take those rejoicing into captivity, ending with sending SMS messages, or trying to find people who, for the money they will allegedly work for Ukrainian intelligence, and so on,” Fedorov said.

Also, the invaders, according to the mayor, began to shoot propaganda videos about the alleged deportation, but at the same time, after filming, they take people prisoner and force them to dig trenches .

“They completely take people to the last checkpoint, shoot propaganda videos, but after that they don’t let our residents go, but put them in captivity and force them to dig trenches or do something else. Yes, they already have dozens of people who seem to have been deported, but one way or another, they remain in captivity,” the mayor noted.

How can one evacuate from Melitopol

According to Ivan Fedorov, now, unfortunately, there are no corridors that would allow safe evacuation.

Rashists are doing their best to keep our residents in the temporarily occupied territories. If they promised that the evacuation through Vasilievka to Zaporozhye would begin on January 15, of course, they deceived again and, of course, this did not start,” Fedorov said.

In addition to the ban on travel towards Zaporozhye, the Russians are exit through the Crimea. According to the head of the city, rashists, for no one knows why, collect DNA tests from residents leaving the occupied territories of the Zaporozhye region for Crimea.

The Mayor of Melitopol told how to get out of the city: watch the video

The mayor noted that now the only way to get out of the occupied territories is to leave through the occupied Crimea. From there, across the bridge, you can get to Russia, from which you can already go either to the EU, or to Georgia, or by plane to Turkey and Moldova.

“Today, our residents practically do not have such an opportunity, because it is enough it is expensive and not everyone has such opportunities. The obstacles that the rashists make also discourage the desire to go in any direction,” the mayor said.

Latest news from Melitopol

  • From Mariupol, a column of Russian vehicles was seen moving towards Melitopol. 20 tanks and 30 trucks were recorded.
  • Melitopol became a “hub” for the Russian “200”. It is in this city that more Russians are taken to the “Kobzon concert”.
  • Ivan Fedorov said that there are so many occupiers in Melitopol and its environs that the captured city is actually defined as the logistical and administrative base of the Russians

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