Russians have been shelling the Luhansk region since morning: 3 people were killed


Russians in the morning shelling the Luhansk region: 3 people were killed

The shelling of the invaders in the Luhansk region claimed the lives of three people/Sergey Gaidai's telegrams

Russian invaders do not stop shelling the Luhansk region. Unfortunately, their bombardments claimed the lives of 3 people.

Today, March 25, the Russian invaders shelled the cities of the Luhansk region all day long. The occupiers fired especially actively at the city of Rubizhne.

Consequences of shelling

Three Ukrainians were killed due to shelling, they were residents of Rubizhne and Shchedrishchev. Firefighters managed to save 7 people.

Occupants' shells hit residential buildings, which caused 10 fires. Firefighters extinguished everything.

More than 95,000 residents of the Lugansk region remain without electricity, 22 settlements remain without gas.

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