Russians have diplomatic dementia


Russians have diplomatic dementia< /p>The changes are already irreversible/Getty Images

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs turned to the World Health Organization with a request to influence Kyiv to Ukraine did not resist the “special military operation”.

Yes, yes, exactly in this wording… That is, the “cocaine intellectuals” from the Russian ministry are quite seriously suggesting that an international organization give us an ultimatum: Ukrainians, to rapists and murderers came to your home, so you quietly stand up to the walls and wait until they rob, kill, rape. And then they will occupy a part of your house and thump “without a toilet” there.

Pure Russian absurdity

That's what diplomatic dementia means. This is what a significant dependence on special stimulants means. And this is what increasing international isolation means.

Soon, Moscow's diplomatic contacts will be limited to Belarus, Eritrea and humanitarian organizations, in which it will be possible to whine: “Let them lay down their arms, well please, otherwise we can't do anything.”

However, the only way the WHO can help the Kremlin is to organize a proper collective psychiatric examination. And offer adaptive therapy programs. Of course, Kyiv can only welcome such medical events.

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