Russians in a panic are repairing bridges in the Kherson region: the delivery routes of heavy equipment are severed


Russians in panic repairing bridges in Kherson region: delivery routes for heavy equipment severed

Russians in panic repairing bridges in Kherson region/Channel 24 collage

In the Kherson region, the invaders are trying to repair damaged bridges. However, they do everything in a panic and in a hurry.


The invaders hope to restore the supply routes for ammunition and heavy equipment that have actually been severed. This was announced by the first deputy chairman of the Kherson Regional Council Yuri Sobolevsky.

At the same time, Sobolevsky noted that the quality of work and the safety of using bridges is a big question.

Everything is done “in a hurry”, and specialists were involved in the repair work, perhaps not at gunpoint, – the official noted.

What preceded this

  • On July 19, the AFU hit on Antonovsky bridge across the Dnieper in Kherson.
  • In addition, the Antonovsky bridge is one of two crossing points across the Dnieper. If it is blown up, then the invaders will not be able to retreat when the Ukrainian military advances. Consequently, the Russians may be surrounded.
  • Therefore, the attacks on the bridge are a warning to the infidels to get out of Kherson immediately.

Pay attention! Previously Sobolevsky warned local residents that it was better not to use the Antonovsky bridge. This is possible only in case of emergency. The invaders themselves announced that they were closing the bridge.

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