Russians in the South are fleeing to Crimea: report from the front from Roman Svitan


Russians in the South are fleeing to Crimea: report from the front from Roman Svitan

The counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is expected not only by the Ukrainians, but also by the Russians. In particular, in the South, the occupiers are already packing their suitcases for Crimea.

A military expert, reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, pilot-instructor Roman Svitan spoke about this in a daily report from the front on Channel 24. In general, the Ukrainian military has one important task on the entire front line.

The Russians need a water pipeline to Donetsk

Svitan noted that the Russians are trying to break through towards Liman. The task of the enemy is to push the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the Seversky Donets River. Thus, the Russians want to hang over Slavyansk from the northeast. This is the task of the movement of the Russian group from Kremennaya.

In Raygorodok, a water conduit begins, which takes water from the Seversky Donets and delivers it to Donetsk. The water conduit from Raygorodok goes to Chasov Yar, from Chasov Yar through Kurdyumovka to Gorlovka, then to Donetsk it raises water several hundred meters, – the military expert noted.

Russians need a water pipeline in Raygorodok / Screenshot of DeepStateMap

He added that without this water, the Donbass dries up, the industry stops. Therefore, there are constant problems with water in Donetsk. In addition, the same water then follows from Donetsk to Mariupol.

The situation near Bakhmut

According to the reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, although the Russians have approached the highway supplying the group in Bakhmut at a distance of up to 500 meters, it has not yet been shot through with small arms, and the enemy’s artillery is quite inaccurate. In addition, a battalion of tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has already moved there and, perhaps, has already solved this problem.

“Basically, infantry is moving, that is, it’s not equipment, not artillery. The infantry breaks through, then it is cut off, thrown back. Such movement in this area continues all the time. Tanks very easily dismantle the infantry, not by direct fire, but by a canopy, without coming close, 7 – 8 kilometers,” the pilot-instructor emphasized.

The Russians approached the highway to Bakhmut, but APU tanks are already working there / DeepStateMap screenshot

As he noted, south of Bakhmut, in particular, our attack aviation is constantly working. In general, it is not in vain that the generals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are in this region. The coherence of all troops and work continues, as at a training ground. In fact, this is also preparation for a counteroffensive.

Arch from the front with Roman Svitan: watch the video

The occupiers in the South are fleeing to the Crimea

The military expert continued that in the South the Dnieper was getting shallower, which means that it could be forced. This is understood not only by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also by the Russians, and therefore they begin to run a little towards the Crimea. In particular, from Novaya Kakhovka to Armyansk there are only 70 kilometers, and movement in this direction will actually cut off the group of Russians to the west, and they will remain there.

One tank crossing, which can be completed in a few days, will leave the Russians there forever. They understand this very well, therefore they predict such actions and begin to carry out the evacuation. They are doing the right thing, because when the troops go, there will be no time for civilians, – the colonel of the reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine emphasized.

Russians from the “triangle” flee to the Crimea / Screenshot of DeepStateMap

He also advised the Ukrainians who are in those occupied territories to either leave or prepare for the front to pass through them.

News from the front: latest events

  • In Kupyansk-Uzlovy, Kharkiv region, law enforcement officers found a suspicious 42-year-old man. He turned out to be an occupier from the 27th motorized rifle brigade of Russia.
  • In the Luhansk region, heavy fighting continues for every piece of Ukrainian land. It became known that the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to de-occupy the village of Novoselovskoye.
  • Spring has come, which means that the Ukrainian counteroffensive is not far off. It won't be long before it, and it will be very difficult for the Russians to defend themselves against the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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