Russians in Ukraine have only two options, and they will definitely not like one


Russians in Ukraine have only two options, and they will definitely not like one

Russian occupiers in Ukraine can only take two paths/”Vecherny Kyiv”

The number of losses in the Russian army is classified, and, if you pay attention, the Russian Ministry of Defense published this figure twice. It froze at around 1300 with a small tail.

Losses are not as terrible as “enemy” NATO

Why did they stop publishing these losses? Well, say that there are 10 more of them – everyone will understand that they are lying. And the losses continue. Therefore, of course, from the point of view of explanations, it is clear that it will be said that these are NATO weapons.

For example, there was a lot of thought about how Ukraine sank the Moskva missile cruiser, where hundreds of Russian young men and officers died. These publications that the Americans showed and so on – this was done for this (to hide the defeats of the Russian army – Channel 24). Ukrainians defending our country. The process will continue. So here is a very simple rule. I understand that Putin needs to be explained why he did this: on May 9, he justified himself on Red Square. But the principle is simple – a Russian with a weapon in his hands, die or leave. Two options. Well, there is another half-hearted – to be captured. But just a prisoner too, you understand, during the fighting it's all very, very difficult.

So the two main options are die or leave. If you are gone, then live as you wish, and if you are here, then we will simply kill you. And there is no need to blame all this on NATO, on some damned Americans. This is called a shift in emphasis.

The double standards of the occupiers

Instead of every Russian citizen who can read (and they can all read) ask themselves “what are we doing in Ukraine, what are we dying for, why did we destroy the Russian-speaking city of Mariupol, killed 20,000 Russian-speaking people?”, Russians are offered to think about NATO.

Well, for our part, we can say this – dear citizens of Russia, how is it that you grew up with the phrase “NATO is evil”, but in recent years, with great pleasure, traveled, for example, to Turkey to relax, sunbathe. And this is a NATO country. Spain, Italy, Croatia – all developed countries – all NATO countries.

And most importantly, if NATO is so bad, then why has Russia been increasing the supply of resources to Europe all these years? Did you send this to your enemies? Probably not. Therefore, it is necessary to explain here again, there will be many words: “bad Ukraine”, “bad NATO”.

In fact, there is only one criminal here. His last name is Putin. And if the Russians do not change their minds and all go to Ukraine, they will all die. But we are pacifists – we do not want them all to die. But what are the options? If someone thinks that here you can rape women and take away washing machines, this is a delusion.

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