Russians keep thousands of people at a checkpoint in Vasilievka: only 200 cars were allowed through in half a month


Russians are holding thousands of people at the checkpoint in Vasilievka: only 200 cars have passed in half a month< /p>

The Russian military does not stop terrorizing civilians in the temporarily occupied territories. So, at the checkpoint in Vasilyevka, the invaders are holding thousands of people.

This was told by the mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov. He noted that very few cars pass through the checkpoint in Vasilyevka from the occupied territories.

People have been standing at the checkpoint for weeks

Fedorov noted that Russian soldiers are holding Ukrainians hostage. So, at his checkpoint in Vasilyevka they force the citizens of our state to wait more than one or several weeks for the possibility of leaving.

According to the mayor of Melitopol, in two and a half weeks only 200 cars managed to enter the territory controlled by Ukraine.Fedorov stressed that 3,000 people want to leave the annexed territories of Zaporozhye, Kherson, Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

People are in despair, day and night in cars, in the cold, food, with children, old parents are simply tired of waiting and are turning to the occupied house,” Fedorov added.

He stressed that Ukrainians in the occupied territories hope that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to drive out the invaders as soon as possible. And they will no longer need to run somewhere.

The day before, “cotton” was brought to Melitopol

Let us recall that on October 14, four powerful explosions thundered in the area of ​​the Melitopol airfield. This was later announced by Mayor Ivan Fedorov. He noted that the “clap” was accompanied by further detonation.

And this, according to the head of the city council, indicates that another enemy base was hit. Fedorov noted that the occupiers tried in any way to restore the base, but once again they suffered losses.

The Mayor of Melitopol added that after several explosions that were heard at the airfield, infidels began to take out equipment. And everything is so bad that the enemies even evacuated the cars that were destroyed as a result of the “pop”.

Let's add that on September 3, 5 powerful explosions were already heard at the same airfield. Then Fedorov noticed that the Russian military tried to overturn their cars there. The mayor stressed that the Ukrainian resistance forces tirelessly destroy both the enemy and his equipment, leaving only thick black smoke from it.

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