Russians march in the Kupyansky district: among the wounded – 4 children


Russians march in Kupyansky district: among the wounded – 4 children

Russian occupiers again shelled Kupyansky district in Kharkiv region. As a result of the attack by the Russians, 9 people were injured.

Relevant information was confirmed to the publication by Elena Shapoval, a representative of the chairman of the Kharkiv OVA. Rechnitsa referred to ambulance data.

The Russians shelled Kupyansk again

Elena Shapoval stated that approximately at 11:00 on September 20, the village of Grushevka, Kupyansky district, fell under the attack of infidels.

Bystrye nine people were taken away, four of whom are children, the message says.

Moreover, the local telegram channel wrote that there were dead people as a result of the attack. However, the OVA assured that they did not have such information as of 17:12 on September 20.

What preceded this

  • On September 16, the Ukrainian military completely liberated the city of Kupyansk in the Kharkiv region . The Ukrainian flag fluttered there.
  • It is worth remembering that Kupyansk is located on the Oskol River, which is a tributary of the Seversky Donets. This is the second largest railway junction of the Kharkov region after Kharkov, located near the border with Russia. That is, only 40 kilometers away.
  • On September 10, Ukrainian soldiers unfurled a blue and yellow banner near the city administration building in Kupyansk.

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