Russians may be surrounded, – Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about attempts to attack Bakhmut


Russians may be surrounded, - Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about attempts to attack Bakhmut

Heavy fighting continues in the Bakhmut direction, the enemy does not stop attacking the Ukrainian defense forces. One of these attacks near Paraskoveevka could turn into another military failure for the Russian invaders.

This was reported to Channel 24 by a military expert, instructor pilot and colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the reserve Roman Svitan. He spoke about the plans of the enemy in the Donetsk direction.

According to Svetlana, Bakhmut in a duet with the garrison of the Provisional Yar is a very good fortified area. Bakhmut is in the lowland, Chasov Yar is on the hill, there is a sufficient amount of weapons, mainly artillery.

This artillery keeps the Russians from entering the center of Bakhmut, the military added.

The Russians are trying to surround Bakhmut

A military expert said that the Russians tried to reach Chasov Yar south of Bakhmut, but did not even reach the road leading from Konstantinovka to Bakhmut. The main roads lead to Bakhmut through Vremya Yar, and the invaders cannot approach there. The enemy was stopped south of Bakhmut.

The invaders also tried to attack Bakhmut from the north. Realizing that they cannot go deep into Bakhmut itself, they make attempts to bypass it from the north, trying to reach the Temporary Yar. These attempts are counteracted by a faction located in the Time Yar.

Now the Russians themselves find themselves in a very difficult situation. The march, which is moving from Paraskoveevka from north to south towards Bakhmut, may itself be encircled if certain operational-tactical actions are carried out correctly and reserves are overturned. Attacks from the left, right, from the flanks can cut off this Russian grouping,” Svitan emphasized.

He added that the success of the operation, led by General Alexander Syrsky, will determine whether the front will even out there, whether a decision will be made to withdraw to new lines in the area of the Vremenny Yar.

Dawn about Russian attacks near Bakhmut: watch video

Fighting in the Donetsk region: the latest

  • Oleg Zhdanov said that the situation in the Avdeevsky and Shakhtyorsky directions is difficult, but stable. The repulsion of enemy attacks on Ugledar continues. In the area of Poprosnoye, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to hold back the enemy.
  • The invaders mercilessly raze Bakhmut to the ground and in their propaganda media talk about the capture of the city. But the Ukrainian military continues to hold the city – political scientist, serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Kirill Sazonov.
  • According to SBU Colonel Roman Kostenko, Russia will start to act more actively when the period of drier weather comes. Approximately the end of March – the middle of April.

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