Russians periodically turn off electricity and water in the occupied Kherson region – Khlan


Russians periodically turn off electricity and water in the occupied Kherson region, – Khlan

Russian invaders continue to mock the population of the occupied Kherson region. The occupiers often arrange provocations, leaving people without power supply.

This Channel 24 was told by the deputy of the Kherson Regional Council and a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Serhiy Khlan. According to him, people in local social media groups often report the absence of light.

Why do Russians turn off the lights in the Kherson region

Along with electricity, water supply stops and mobile communications disappear.

Invaders quite often turn off the lights in the occupied Kherson region. They explain this by the fact that the APU damaged the power grid. But in fact, the Russians do this when they overturn equipment or reconfigure some of their services. – said Hlan.

According to him, the main goal of the infidels is to leave the local population without mobile communications, so that people could not inform the Armed Forces of Ukraine about the movement of enemy equipment.

the occupiers are hiding behind civilians

Despite the fact that all enemy logistical arteries in the Kherson region are under the fiery control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the infidels are stubbornly trying to repair bridges and build pontoon crossings.

To overturn weapons, the Russians even use barges. Also, the occupiers bring pontoon crossings from the left to the right bank of the Dnieper and are covered by civilians during the day. That is, they mix both military equipment and civilian vehicles, – said the deputy of the Kherson Regional Council.

According to Khlan, in recent weeks, Russians have been pulling military equipment and ammunition to Kakhovka and Novaya Kakhovka, hoping to transfer resources to the right bank Dnipro.

A serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine recalled that the Ukrainian military destroyed the enemy’s crossing between Kakhovka and the village of Lvov.

“The Ukrainian military continues to destroy not only the crossings of infidels, but also enemy warehouses and accumulations of equipment,” Khlan added.

Sergey Khlan spoke about the latest events in the Kherson region: watch the video< /p>

The situation in the Kherson region: the latest news

  • On September 13, explosions were heard in Kherson. The Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the positions of the Russians on the island of Karantinny, where they deployed their air defense systems.
  • The successful counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the South of Ukraine simply does not leave the enemy any chance. Therefore, in the Kherson region, the invaders are looking for possible ways to escape. In particular, the Russian military is looking for connections with the Ukrainian special services in order to surrender.
  • According to Kherson activist Vladimir Molchanov, there are currently about 2,500 Kadyrovites in the Kherson region. They do not take a direct part in the hostilities, but catch deserters and severely punish them for trying to escape.

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