Russians took children without parents from Mariupol to occupied Donetsk


Russians took children without parents from Mariupol to occupied Donetsk

Russians took children without parents from Mariupol to Donetsk/”Poglyad”

The Russian invaders forcibly take the residents of Mariupol to the occupied Donetsk, and then to Russia. There are many children without parents in Donetsk hospitals.

This was reported by residents of the occupied Donetsk in comments to journalists.

Thus, in the hospital named after Vishnevsky in occupied Donetsk there are children without parents, taken out by Russian invaders from Mariupol.

In the second infectious department there are many children who were brought from Mariupol. They have clothes, but the children need diapers, infant formula and fruit. Children without parents. It is necessary to look for parents and not ignore any announcement about the search for a child,” said a resident of the occupied Donetsk.

Some activists call for help to Mariupol children.

The enemy takes the money and documents of refugees and takes them to Russia< /h3>

Residents in Donetsk also reported that many refugees are in:

  • two schools – No. 25 and 31 of the Leninsky district,
  • as well as gymnasium No. 70 in Kievsky district.

If the refugees do not have relatives in Donetsk who can pick them up, people are taken to Taganrog, to Russia. First, documents and phones are taken from people, which are then not returned to everyone.

Pay attention! Inhabitants of the Levoberezhny district of Mariupol are being massively taken out by Russian invaders to the territory of Russia. According to the Mariupol City Council, about 15,000 citizens fell under illegal deportation.

Let's add that the Russian aggression caused a terrible humanitarian catastrophe in Mariupol. The invaders are bombing unarmed residents, blocking humanitarian aid. The commander of the Azov regiment said that in Mariupol the number of civilian casualties is growing daily and amounts to 4,000, but it is difficult to realistically estimate this.

Ukraine is also trying to take people out of Mariupol. This is not always successful, because the Russians cynically disrupt the agreements and block the green corridors.

300 people could have died in the theater of Mariupol as a result of the bombardment by the occupier: watch the video

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