Russians use all possible crossings in Kherson: the activist explained the condition of the bridges


Russians use all possible crossings in Kherson: an activist explained the condition of the bridges< /p>

occupiers use all possible crossing methods: barges from Hola Prystan to the center of Kherson, as well as pontoon crossings near the Antonovsky bridge . In Kherson, there are two options for pontoon crossings, one still exists near the railway bridge.

About this Channel 24told Kherson activist Vladimir Molchanov. He also noted that the Antonovsky bridge actually exists, you can ride motorcycles on it and move very carefully in cars.

According to Vladimir Molchanov, earlier the invaders allowed trucks to move along the Antonovsky bridge, but it staggers very much if someone is transporting heavy vehicles, so this option is no longer available.

As for the dam in Novaya Kakhovka, the invaders filled up the dams of the lock passage – now this gravel crossing is 4 meters below the main crossing, any transport, including tanks, can pass there very slowly and in one row. – adds Molchanov.

But, according to the activist, this object is a constant focus of Ukrainian artillerymen, so most of those who want to cross are destroyed.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine once again worked on the Antonovsky bridge

  • Antonovsky bridge is important for the occupiers, because it allowed to overturn forces from the Crimea and the occupied territories on the left bank of the Dnieper to the right. Starting from the summer, the Armed Forces of Ukraine regularly strike at the bridge, destroying it.
  • In the temporarily occupied Kherson, on the afternoon of September 12, there was again a “pop” . The Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the Antonovsky bridge again. This happened after the invaders “tested” him.
  • The situation in the Kherson region remains extremely difficult. The fighting continues there. In addition, the invaders are trying to resume traffic on the Antonovsky bridge.

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