Russians warned about New Year's eve schemes of scammers


Izvestia: the activity of fraudsters has increased in Russia on the eve of the New Year holidays

Russians warned about New Year's eve schemes of scammers

Photo: Alexander Patrin / RIA Novosti

In Russia, they noticed an increased activity of fraudsters before the New Year holidays. Izvestia writes about this.

At the same time, attackers attack victims with a wide front. So, a significant part of them operate on the network, sending users phishing messages about sweepstakes, promotions or sales in stores, and offers to repay loans are also popular. What these schemes have in common is that fraudsters are trying to get bank card details. The experts interviewed by the publication unanimously advise not to lose caution and not believe in miracles that unknown persons offer to gullible Russians.

However, crimes committed in the real world are also popular among criminals on New Year's Eve. Among other things, the attackers pay visits to the homes of citizens under the guise of Santa Clauses and Snow Maidens. And, as the interlocutor of the newspaper said in law enforcement agencies, “while one is dancing, the other is stealing.” There is also the possibility of running into an animator who will demand an amount that is significantly higher than that announced in advance. You can fight such scammers by talking about the amount in advance and concluding an agreement.

In addition, it is worth remembering the pickpockets who hunt on holiday festivities. Despite the relaxed holiday mood, you should be especially careful at this time, the police advised.

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