Russians were named a way to get rid of advertising calls

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Russians were named a way to get rid of advertising calls

Head of the Consulting Department of the Information Security Center of Jet Infosystems Nikolay Antipov, in an interview with the Prime agency, called the Russians a way to get rid of advertising calls.

According to him, if a phone number at least once got into the database of spammers, most likely, it will be impossible to get rid of their calls completely, since the database can change hands or from company to company.

The lawyer explained that this is possible if the manager from whom the purchase was once made, when moving to work in another company, takes the customer base with him. “But do not despair: today there are various ways to restrict such calls,” he said.

So, you can use the services of telecom operators to block unwanted calls, install special applications that notify you about calls with potential advertising or fraudsters. In addition, you can rent a virtual number and use it to register in loyalty programs and when shopping online.

The specialist emphasized that most often companies find out phone numbers from their owners when they indicate their personal data on any resources. In addition, there are special programs that find publicly available contacts on the Internet according to specified parameters. Finally, a customer base can be stolen by hacking into a company's website and then resold.

In conclusion, the interlocutor of the agency noted that you can complain to the operator of communication services about intrusive advertising calls.

In October last year, Natalia Pshenichnikova, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Legal Disciplines of Synergy University, said that you can block spam calls from unknown numbers using smartphone settings, cellular operator services, as well as special applications that use data from your own database, as well as from user posts.

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