Russians were told how to find a lost smartphone

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Russians were told how to find a lost smartphone

Agency “Prime” talked with a senior specialist in testing digital products of Roskachestvo Sergey Kuzmenko on the topic of finding lost gadgets. As part of the conversation, the Russians were told how to find a stolen smartphone.

Kuzmenko noted that each mobile ecosystem is equipped with personal mechanisms that can help the user find a lost smartphone.

On the iPhone / iPad, immediately after purchase, you need to activate the function of remote access to the smartphone (” Locator “). If the device is lost and you have another Apple device, then you should open the Find My app and wait for the loss to appear on the map. ” , – the expert shared, noting that if there is no other gadget, you can use the service via the Internet. To do this, you need to enter in the search bar and enter your Apple ID.

As far as Android smartphones are concerned, they can be found through the Find My Device function in Google Account. To do this, open the page and sign in to your Google account. Subsequently, a notification will be sent to the lost smartphone, and in the meantime, data will appear on the map about where the phone is.

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