Russians will be able to see a rare annular eclipse of the Sun

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In Yakutia on June 10, it will be possible to observe an annular eclipse of the Sun. Oleg Ugolnikov, an astronomer, a senior researcher at the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told about this, RIA Novosti reports.

“An interesting fact, this is the first annular eclipse in 50 years that falls on the territory of our country. Were fat, but somehow we were unlucky with ring-shaped ones, ”he noted.

Residents of Yakutia will be able to see a 94 percent eclipse of the Sun by the Moon. For a terrestrial observer, the disk of a satellite will not completely cover the disk of a star, in contrast to a total eclipse. In addition, with an annular eclipse, the sky remains bright and the solar corona is not visible.

A partial solar eclipse on June 10 will be visible from almost the entire territory of the country, with the exception of the Far East. “In Moscow, in the middle of an eclipse, the Moon will block 27% of the diameter of the Sun, which will look like a bitten off apple,” the scientist said.

The maximum eclipse will occur at 14:27 Moscow time. During it, the Earth will not get darker, therefore, if the observer does not look at the Sun at the right moment, he will not notice anything unusual.

Inhabitants of the Earth could observe an annular solar eclipse at the end of June 2020. In Russia, a rare phenomenon was practically invisible. The best way to follow him was in the North Caucasus and Southern Federal Districts, as well as in Western Siberia and the Primorsky Territory.

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