Russians will not have a month to make money on a new iPhone

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Russians will not have a month to make money on a new iPhone

Picodi compared the cost of the iPhone 13 Pro with 128 gigabytes (GB) of storage to the average salary in different countries and calculated how long residents have to work to buy a new fancy gadget. A month will not be enough for the Russians – according to experts, they will have to work 42 days. The fastest way to make money on a new product from Apple will be residents of Switzerland – in 4.4 days. In the US, you need to work six days, and in Australia and Luxembourg – almost a week.

Turkey has the worst results, there for the sake of the iPhone 13 Pro you will have to work 92 and a half days, Picodi analysts found out. The list of outsiders also included the Philippines and Brazil – 90 and 79 days, respectively.

In Russia, the official price of the iPhone 13 Pro for 128 GB (basic configuration) is 99,990 rubles. According to Rosstat, the average monthly salary in the country is 57,275 rubles, but Russians receive about 50,000 rubles. Thus, to buy a new iPhone, the average Russian citizen must work 42.1 days. Compared to last year's index, the result improved by 5.4 days.

In past years, the iPhone index in Russia looked like this:

2018 – 48.2 days; 2019 – 47 days; 2020 – 47.5 days.

The iPhone Index is an annual ranking of the ratio of the cost of an iPhone to the average salary. The 2021 index is based on the official prices of the iPhone 13 Pro in regional Apple stores or authorized resellers. The experts took information on the average salary from the websites of state statistics bodies or ministries. After-tax salary calculated using local salary calculators. The monthly salary was divided by 21 – the average number of working days in a month. In countries where statistical offices use weekly rates, income was divided by 5.

On September 14, Apple presented a line of new smartphones iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The most budgetary version will cost the Russians 70,000 rubles. The new items will go on sale at the end of September. Experts noted that the new iPhones are slightly improved versions of previous models.

Earlier, “Secret” reported that on the eve of Apple's presentation, Russians began to get rid of old gadgets. According to the Avito announcement site, compared to the first week of autumn 2020, there are 3.6 times more announcements for the sale of obsolete iPhone models.


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