Russians will poke their nose at Lisichansk, fighting there may resemble Mariupol, – ISW


The Russians will poke their nose at Lisichansk, the fighting there may resemble Mariupol, – ISW

Occupiers in Lisichansk may repeat the scenario of Mariupol/Collage of Channel 24

< strong _ngcontent-sc88="">The Russian invaders continue to advance into Lysichansk. According to analysts, they may try to repeat the situation in Mariupol.

This conclusion was reached at the Institute for the Study of War. They noticed that the enemy was successfully advancing to Lisichansk. And he does it from the south.

Kafirs can repeat the Mariupol scenario

According to experts, the invaders do not try to break into the city through the Severodonetsk River. Instead, they come from the south, creating an additional threat to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Institute for the Study of War noted that their earlier forecast was justified. At that time, analysts assumed that the enemy will start attacking Lisichansk from the south. In this way, the Russian invaders will be able to neutralize the protection that the Seversky Donets gives the Ukrainian military.

It is not ruled out that the vicinity of Lisichansk will attack in the coming week.< /strong>If this happens, it will shake up our defenders in the Severodonetsk-Lysichansk area. At the same time, the fights themselves will be protracted. And the repetition of the scenario in Mariupol and Severodonetsk is not ruled out at all. The enemy will also want to ring Lysichansk until it is completely blocked.

Russians will turn their backs on Lisichansk, fighting there may resemble Mariupol, – ISW

Actual map of hostilities near Lisichansk/Screenshot of liveuamap

Occupiers are already destroying Lisichansk

As Sergei Gaidai noted, Russian invaders wipe Lisichansk off the face of the earth every day. The enemy is hitting the city in the Luhansk region with all possible weapons. We are talking about “Peonies”, aerial bombs, missiles, as well as multiple launch rocket systems.

At the same time, our military manages to restrain the enemy's advance near Lisichansk.The enemy cannot enter the city, nor cut it off. That is why he uses the scorched earth method. This is done in order to destroy everything that is around.

Decisive battles near Severodonetsk

It should also be understood that decisive battles are now taking place in the area of ​​Severodonetsk. As Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar noted, the Russian invaders have a new offensive plan. According to him, the infidels must reach the borders of the Lugansk region by June 26.

During the telethon, she noticed that the army of the aggressor country had thrown practically all its forces and weapons on the Severodonetsk assault. So the enemy will try to break through the defenses of our military, as well as surround them near both Severodonetsk and Lisichanskaya.

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