Russia's aggression in the Black Sea will soon increase prices for basic commodities, – British intelligence


Due to Russian aggression in the Black Sea, prices for basic goods will soon increase, – British intelligence

Due to Russian aggression in the Black Sea, prices for basic goods will soon increase goods/”Focus”

The consequences of Russian aggression against Ukraine have already been felt by people far beyond the borders of our country. However, if the blockade of the Black Sea continues, price increases cannot be avoided.

This was stated by British intelligence officers. They recalled that since the beginning of the Russian invasion, there had been no significant merchant shipping activity in Odessa.

Russia's subsequent naval blockade of key Black Sea ports brought commercial shipping to the area to a halt.

Ukraine's overland export mechanisms are unlikely to replace the shipping shortage caused by the Russian blockade. As a result, significant volumes of Ukrainian grain remain in storage and cannot be exported, the report says.

The war unleashed by Russia was already exerting indirect pressure on world grain prices. The naval blockade of the aggressor country continues to hinder the access of commercial ships to Ukrainian ports. As a result, the shortage of supply will lead to a further increase in prices for many basic products.

The world is striving for a ceasefire: what is the position of Ukraine

Earlier, adviser to the head of the President's Office, Mikhail Podolyak, said that the UN had expressed concern about a possible famine that could arise due to Russia's blockade of the Black Sea. According to the UN, it is necessary to cease fire so that Ukraine can export its grain.

Podolyak stressed that this can be done, but without a ceasefire. The adviser to the head of the President's Office emphasized that Ukrainians are not interested in the new “Minsk” and the return of the war in a few years.

“Do not offer us a ceasefire – this is impossible without a total withdrawal of Russian troops. While Russia is not ready to completely liberate our lands, our negotiating platform is weapons, sanctions and money,” the adviser to the head of the Presidential Office emphasized.

The Office of the President has repeatedly noted that the Ukrainian troops want to push back the invaders not only to the territory from which they started their “special operation”, but further. And this is now a matter of principle for Ukraine.

Russian aggression can cause famine

Russia's military invasion of Ukraine has led not only to a massive flow of refugees from the country, the death of our citizens, the destruction of large and small settlements, but, according to experts, it can lead to the deepest food crisis in the modern history of mankind.

Pay attention! Experts of the Kyiv School of Economics emphasized that, in general, more than 400 million people in the world.

Armed aggression, blocking the supply of vital food from Ukrainian producers to other countries, has turned another 40 million people into those who suffer from hunger in different regions of the world.

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