Russia's digital competitiveness has declined in three years

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Experts from the European Center for Digital Competitiveness published a report (.pdf) reflecting the development of countries in this area over the past three years – from 2018 to 2021. It follows from it that the greatest progress during this period was made by Vietnam, Egypt and China. Russia, on the other hand, was among those where the level of digital competitiveness has noticeably decreased (by 67 points).

The authors of the report rated countries based on ten indicators, divided into two groups – digital ecosystem and digital thinking. The first group of indicators relates to the development of digital business (the availability of venture capital, the financial costs of starting a business, the time spent on starting a business, the ease of hiring a foreign workforce and the skill set of university graduates). The second group of indicators more characterizes the population of the country (digital skills of the active population, attitude to risk in entrepreneurship, the diversity of personnel, the number of mobile users and how much companies are ready to use risky and innovative ideas). All ten indicators have the same specific weight and are simply summed up.

According to the results of calculations, it turned out that the overall assessment of Vietnam over the past three years has increased by 339 points. Egypt (+258), China (+211), Saudi Arabia (+169) and Cambodia (+155) are also among the leaders in the growth of digital competitiveness. The dynamics of the G7 representatives turned out to be more than modest: Canada (+47) has the best result here, while the US indicator dropped by 72 points, Germany – by 176 points, and Japan ended up in the basement of this rating with –190. Only Albania (–262), Honduras (–316) and India are worse, which closed the rating with –396.

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