Russia's “excuses” won't work – political scientist on trial of Mariupol defenders



Russia is planning a demonstrative trial of the Ukrainian defenders of Mariupol. The invaders will not give up their cynical plan, because in this way they want to demotivate the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Such an opinion Channel 24 was commented by political scientist Oleksandr Antonyuk. He commented on the statement of the President of Ukraine, who said that with a vile trial of the defenders of Ukraine, Russia would cut itself off from negotiations.

According to Antonyuk, the Kremlin will completely ignore Zelensky's words.

The invaders will increase the demonstrativeness of the so-called “tribunal”, blackmailing and trying to demotivate the Ukrainian military, the political scientist said.

Back to news President of Ukraine, that you need to sit down at the negotiating table with Putin.


Alexander Antonyuk

Political scientist

Zelensky, knowing that there would be a trial, simply pointed out clear red lines so that Erdogan clearly understood the causal relationship. If the Turkish president believes that he has an influence on Putin, then thanks to his authority he can resolve the issues of the Azov people under appropriate guarantees.

The political scientist added that Ukraine can use Erdogan's contact with Putin to talk not only about the captured soldiers of the Azov regiment, but also the civilian population and children.

“Excuses “Russia won't work

According to Antonyuk, if the invaders arrange a trial of the Azov people, the Turkish leader will see that Putin is violating the red lines.

Of course, Russia may try to shift responsibility to the terrorists from quasi-republics in the Donbass. Like, it's them who arrange the “tribunal”, and the Kremlin has nothing to do with it.

However, these “excuses” from Russia will not work. Erdogan is not a fool, and he understands perfectly well what is really happening,” the political scientist noted.

He added that then the question would arise what guarantees Erdogan can give Zelensky or how he can encourage the President of Ukraine to negotiate with Putin .

Antonyuk spoke about the possible provocations of the Kremlin on August 24: watch the video

Trial of the Azovites: the main thing

  • Russian invaders are actively preparing for the trial of the defenders of Mariupol. They intend to hold it before the end of the summer. According to the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, Petr Andryushchenko, the organization of the trial of the Ukrainian defenders is carried out mainly by Russian occupiers, and not by collaborators. Now they are tightening security measures.
  • According to the mayor of Mariupol, Vadim Boychenko, the Russians are preparing lynching of Ukrainian prisoners of war on August 24.
  • According to Ukrainian intelligence, the invaders may commit a terrorist act during the trial.

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