Russia's spring offensive to start in weeks – Air Vice Marshal


Russian spring offensive will start in a few weeks – British air vice-marshal

During the meeting in the Ramstein format, international alliances failed to agree on the supply of Leopard tanks to Ukraine. This technique is critical for our defenders, as the Russian spring offensive will begin in a matter of weeks.

This opinion was expressed by retired British Air Vice-Marshal Sean Bell. According to him, the discussions around the tanks and the results of “Rammstein” are connected with the limitation of time at the front.

Ukraine must move from defense to offensive

Bell points out that Ukraine desperately needs tanks because the Russian spring offensive will begin in a matter of weeks.

This is not only about Western countries putting weapons on the table, but also about Ukraine moving from defense to offensive. – said the military.

He added that Ukraine has long been asking for modern battle tanks, of which the German Leopard 2 and American Abrams are the most in service. The UK has already pledged about a dozen of its Challenger 2 tanks, but this, unfortunately, is not enough.

Comparing the Leopard 2 and the Abrams, Bell said that the Abrams is fast but complex and consumes much more fuel. Therefore, according to the vice-marshal, if Europe also provided Ukraine with Leopard 2, then the situation at the front would be more favorable for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

How the world helps Ukraine: the latest news

  • The UK has announced a powerful new military aid package for Ukraine. It will include, in particular, 3 AS-90 155 long-range artillery batteries and a number of Bulldog armored vehicles. The Ministry of Defense announced that they would send an additional 600 Brimstone missiles to Ukraine.
  • Poland, in turn, promised to provide our defenders with S-60 anti-aircraft guns and 70,000 ammunition for them, 42 infantry fighting vehicles and 155-millimeter CRAB howitzers.
  • Finland has already announced the 12th military assistance package for Ukraine for more than 400 million euros. For security reasons, the more detailed content of the package and the estimated time of arrival of weapons in Ukraine are not disclosed.
  • Germany in the spring of 2023 promises to provide Ukraine with a military aid package worth 1 billion euros. Berlin promises not to stop at supporting Ukraine.

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