“Russia's stupidity plays to our advantage”: why did the occupiers shoot down a US drone


On March 14, Russian aircraft shot down an American drone over the Black Sea. Whatever Moscow might say, this incident could not have been an accident.

This opinion was expressed by political scientist Mykola Davidyuk to Channel 24 . According to him, Russia is now pretending that it had no intention of shooting down the MQ-9 Reaper.

Why Russia shot down a US drone

Davidyuk stressed that the aggressor country was simply making a fool of himself.

In fact, the Russians wanted to intercept the MQ-9 Reaper in order to get the “body” of this drone and take it apart. Then they would send it to Iran, so that later they could make a cheap copy of this device,” the political scientist said.

He noted that Iran's activities for Russia are similar to those of China, which produces fakes of famous world brands.

However, Russia's intentions failed. According to the political scientist, the military of the aggressor country did not manage to get a copy of the American drone.

The Russians did everything very unprofessionally and carelessly . I think that the Americans took this drone so that the Russians would not get it,” Davidyuk said.

Nikolai Davidyuk told why Russia shot down a US drone: watch the video

What will Joe Biden's reaction be?

According to the political scientist, the reaction of Joe Biden is now very important, which will determine further interaction between the United States and Russia. Davidyuk suggested that the White House could actually demonstrate 2 positions.

  1. The public position may be that Washington will condemn Russia's actions.
  2. The second reaction, which will not be announced publicly, will be to increase support for Ukraine.

The United States can simultaneously give Ukraine F-16 fighter jets . Congressmen are already urging the Pentagon to take such a step,” the political scientist said.

He also suggested that Washington could provide Ukraine with missiles with a range of up to 300 kilometers. This will help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to liberate Crimea and Melitopol.

“Russia plays to our advantage”

Davidyuk noted that the Kremlin is driving itself into a dead end.

From the point of view of its senselessness and stupidity, Russia is behaving in our favor. After all, the actions of the Russians will cause the mobilization of our Western partners, the political scientist said.

He believes that after incidents like the downing of an American drone, Ukraine can even count on ultra-modern weapons that used to be taboo.

The downing of an American UAV over the Black Sea: briefly

  • On March 14, the Russians shot down an American reconnaissance drone MQ-9 Reaper. The drone was operating in international airspace over the Black Sea.
  • Therefore, the leader of the democratic majority in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer, turned to dictator Vladimir Putin. He urged the head of the Kremlin to stop such behavior so as not to cause an unintended escalation.
  • Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder said that drone interception is not uncommon, but “this type of behavior is annoying and dangerous.”

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