Sadovy urged people to take to the streets with blue and yellow flags in Germany


Sadovy urged people to take to the streets with blue-yellow flags in Germany

Sadovy urged people to take the flag of Ukraine in Germany on May 8 and 9/Collage of Channel 24

Lviv Mayor Andrey Sadovyy called on people in Germany to go out with blue and yellow flags on May 8 and 9. This should be done, despite the prohibition of law enforcement officers in Berlin.

The head of the Lviv City Council stressed that even though Europe uses the slogan “never again”, this “again” quietly came. Therefore, now it is very important to do everything possible to ensure that Ukraine is heard and not forgotten.

He called on people to come out with the flags of Ukraine and hang them out

Andriy Sadovyi noted that on May 8 in Europe there will be honor the victims of World War II. At the same time, the Russian military will continue to kill civilians in Ukraine and bomb our cities.

And all because civilized Europe simply did not notice how real evil rose at hand. The same evil against which the whole world fought almost 80 years ago. The Russian military has been attacking Ukrainian cities for more than 2 months, shooting and raping the civilian population, creating real concentration camps where they torture and mock. And there are those who are generally deported.

And instead of resisting the evil that Russia is now, Europe believes that it is better not to provoke it. For this, for example, in Berlin, it was forbidden to go out with the flags of Ukraine on May 8 and 9. Like, “to avoid provocations.” Note that the corresponding ban also applies to the tricolor, but everything is clear here.

I call on all free people in the world and, above all, in Germany, to take to the streets these days under blue and yellow flags and hang them on their homes. Today, it is this flag that is the guarantee that the horrors of war will not come to you “never again,” Sadovyi emphasized.

What is known about the ban on the Ukrainian flag in Berlin

State symbols in Berlin were banned from being used at events on May 8 and 9. This is evidenced by a document published by the local police.

For incomprehensible reasons, the Ukrainian flag was equated with the symbols of both Russians and separatists. The law enforcement officers did not explain their decision. And they left very little time to appeal the relevant decision.

Note that activists from Ukraine had previously negotiated with local authorities. They wanted to hold a peaceful action during which they would honor the victims of World War II. During it, we recall, millions of Ukrainians died.

It is curious that law enforcement officers first agreed with the proposal of the activists. Subsequently, on May 6, a letter was sent to them stating that the use of state symbols was prohibited. It will not be available during World War II sightseeing on May 8 and 9. Representatives of Ukrainian organizations will not be allowed to visit these locations. Moreover, Ukrainian military songs and marches are banned.

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