“Salvation” from civilization: what Russia forever saved the inhabitants of the Luhansk region


A historic event that went largely unnoticed. Luhansk region has become the only region of Ukraine where electric transport has been completely destroyed.

Russia saved the Luhansk region from trolleybuses

Trams in Luhansk were destroyed in 2014. And now they have finished off the last trolleybus that has survived in the Luhansk region – in the occupied Krasnodon (in 2016 the name of the city was decommunized on Sorokino – Channel 24).

There was no fighting in this city. Electric transport destroyed the “Russian world”.

By 2022, trolleybuses were doing well in the Ukrainian-controlled part of the Luhansk region. New cars were purchased in Severodonetsk.

In addition, in 2021, plans were announced to open trolleybus routes between Lisichansk, Severodonetsk and Rubizhny. But after Putin began to “save the Donbass”, these cities actually ceased to exist.

Russia completely destroyed such an achievement of civilization as electric transport in the Luhansk region.

I especially like how in the post about the closure of the Sorokinsky trolleybus, moral ur * dy writes “time does not stand still and spares no one.” It did not stand still in Severodonetsk, motherfuckers! But Ukraine produced new modern trolleybuses on the line there. And you destroyed everything.

I add comments of “grateful” residents of Sorokino.

The reaction of people to the closure of electric transport / Screenshots

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