Samsung has invented a smartphone with an “infinite” screen

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Samsung has invented a smartphone with an

Samsung has patented a smartphone with a screen that wraps around the body of the device. This is reported by the Dutch edition LetsGoDigital.

The corresponding patent was filed in July 2020, but it was not noticed until mid-November. Judging by the renders created on the basis of the drawings, the device will consist of two movable panels and have a slider design. When folded, the main camera of the smartphone and the speaker microphone are hidden by the front panel.

A distinctive feature of the conceptual device is a screen that occupies the entire surface of the body. Reporters explained that the flexible “infinite” display wraps around the smartphone, so the Samsung-invented device has one screen on each side. The authors clarified that the gadget received a complex design – to preserve the display matrix, the device has a glass shell.

As conceived by the engineers, the user can consume the content displayed on the smartphone by holding the device with either side – front or back. In the description of the patent it is said that the display extended to the rear panel can display additional reference information, such as the current time, battery level, indicators of user activity.

At the beginning of the year, information appeared on the network about a patent for a Xiaomi smartphone, which has three screens. According to the description and renders, in addition to the main display, the device received two additional ones located on the back panel and the end of the gadget. Sub screens are intended to play content and display help information.

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