Samsung won't get rid of notches in the display, even in the Galaxy S30

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Samsung won't get rid of notches in the display, even in the Galaxy S30

Rumors have surfaced on the internet about Samsung's 2022 smartphones – the alleged Galaxy S30 series. It became clear that there was no need to wait for some changes.

It is reported that the models of the Galaxy S30 line will still have a notch in the screen for the front camera. There will be no subscreen camera, contrary to hopes. It seems that Samsung is reluctant to take risks and use immature technology in its expensive flagship smartphones yet.

But in the Galaxy Z Fold3, a sub-screen camera may well be installed. As for the Galaxy S30, here the notch in the screen will be located in the middle. The source also writes that the main camera of the smartphone will be 100-megapixel. However, one must understand that these are too early rumors, and they should be treated with a grain of salt.

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