Saved schoolgirls from fictitious “DRGs”: Putin awarded the boy Fedor with a medal “For Courage”


Saved schoolgirls from fictitious

In early March, the Russians dispersed a fake about Ukrainian DRGs in the Bryansk region. Then a local hero was found. They became a schoolboy Fedor. The kid has even received a medal “For Courage” from Putin.

The corresponding order has already scattered across the network and the Russian media. It says to award Fyodor Simonenko with the medal “For Courage”, Channel 24 reports. Next, we recall what this award should be awarded for.

Putin signed the order personally

In the best traditions of Russian propaganda, a hero was quickly found in the aggressor country. Not even a month has passed since the president personally signs the order on his award. The document speaks of “courage, bravery and dedication shown in the performance of civic duty.”

The document on the award of Fedor was signed by Putin / Photo from Russian media

Uncle Fedor and his story written on the knee

  • Note that we are talking about an allegedly 11-year-old schoolboy from the Bryansk region. According to legend, he was driving a car along with two other schoolgirls to school. The first moment at which the version crumbled to smithereens. After all, then distance learning was introduced in the region.
  • But the inventions of the Russians do not end there. They said that the DRG allegedly shot the car, killing the driver Anatoly. Another fake, because the video, which later appeared on the network, demonstrates that the same “Niva” is intact. Maximum – flat tires. On the other hand, the Zhiguli were fired upon, but another driver was driving them.
  • So, Fedor, who, propagandists assured, was also injured, reacted with lightning speed. Bloody, he saved two schoolgirls with whom he was riding in a car. They caught a ride and came to Fyodor's friend. Another amazing moment. For some reason, she constantly says “this boy” in comments to reporters. Doesn't look very familiar, does it?
  • We are already silent about the fact that with a gunshot wound either in the chest or in the back, he not only saved the girls. He also calmly talked with a friend and showed exactly where the saboteurs got. Terminator is no different.
  • Be that as it may, Fedor was almost canonized in the region. Moreover, he was visited by the governor of the Bryansk region, Alexander Bogomaz. In addition , he bought a new house for the baby's family.

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