SBU detained a “mothballed” agent of Russia: he was scouting the border fortifications of the Sumy region


SBU detained a

The Security Service of Ukraine neutralized another enemy agent who was scouting the border area and fortifying the Sumy region. The attacker was preparing for sabotage activities.

A resident of the Shostka district also collected intelligence on the deployment, movement and armament of the Ukrainian Defense Forces. The traitor used the information he received to plan sabotage and targeted attacks.

The SBU once exposed the enemy agent

As it turned out, the Ukrainian businessman was recruited by a representative of the Russian intelligence service during commercial trips to Russia. The attacker agreed to the offer of tacit cooperation because of his pro-Russian beliefs. After the infidels invaded Ukraine, the agent began to “work”.

The attacker photographed military facilities and the location of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Then he handed over the frames to the curator with reference to the area. By the way, in the future they planned to involve the man in sabotage.

During searches of the agent's apartment, law enforcement officers found and seized:

  • mobile phones with evidence of intelligence activities;
  • more than 500 grams of explosives.

As a result, the detainee was declared suspected under the article on high treason committed under martial law. The issue of choosing a measure of restraint for him is being decided.

The SBU detained an enemy agent/photo

Another traitor was caught in Ukraine/photo by the SBU

Traitors of Ukraine: what is known

Counterintelligence officers of the Security Service of Ukraine continue to carry out their duties and detain hostile agents of the FSB. This time, the attacker collected data on objects that could become targets for Russian shelling.

Also, a recruited agent of the Russian FSB was exposed in Ukraine. He had access to the official measures of the Verkhovna Rada. The official was persuaded to cooperate by an FSB personnel officer during a trip to the temporarily occupied Crimea before the start of the war.

In addition, in March, an FSB agent was detained. He was actively engaged in promoting the ideas of the “Russian world” among Ukrainians. Also, intelligence agents have already established the identity of his Moscow curator.

And recently, the court passed a sentence on an FSB agent who launched a missile attack on the Kramatorsk airfield. He was sentenced to 9 years in prison. The attacker collected information about the places of deployment and movement of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the eastern direction.

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