SBU discovered the largest network of gunners in Dnipro during the war, – expert


SBU discovered the largest network of gunners during the war in Dnipro, – expert

The SBU exposed the largest network of Russian shelling in Dnipro since the beginning of the war – this special operation once again indicates that Ukraine wins the Russian Federation in the war of special services.

This was stated by political scientist Taras Zagorodny.

The investigation will still check the involvement of the detainees in the recent missile attack on a residential building in Dnipro, where 46 residents were killed.

“Seven people were arrested working for the Russian General Staff in Dnipro. once to detect such a number of agents. And this special operation is another success of ours in the war with the aggressor's special services. We must admit that in the last six months we have been winning this fight, “the expert noted.

In his opinion, this is also evidenced by the repeated “pop” in Russia and in the territories occupied by it – the Crimean bridge, the bay of Sevastopol, airfields in Engels, and so on. Also, the absence of similar acts of sabotage by Russians in our rear.

“There are attempts of such attacks. There are dozens of them. But there are no results – they were neutralized by our special service,” writes Zagorodniy.

He recalled that the head of the SBU Vasily Malyuk emphasized that the SBU systematically works out everyone who helps to direct missiles at our cities.

“Today, the special service is investigating more than 1.5 thousand criminal proceedings on the facts of treason, and more than 2 thousand on collaboration activities “But, I note that the SBU today is forced to act, including overcoming obstacles in the form of outdated Ukrainian legislation. The law on counterintelligence, adopted in the peaceful 90s, does not correspond to current realities in any way. A new one is already in the Rada and requires prompt adoption,” sums up Zahorodniy.

Recall that on January 20 it became known that the Security Service of Ukraine exposed a large network of gunners in the Dnieper.

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