SBU exposes enemy collaborator who prepared “lists” for the destruction of Ukrainians


SBU exposed an enemy collaborator who was preparing

SBU detained another “portion” of enemy agents and collaborators/Illustrative photo from social networks

The Security Service of Ukraine continues to actively counteract the henchmen of the enemy invaders. Our special services carried out a number of regular arrests of collaborators and enemy agents.

The Security Service of Ukraine managed to neutralize the network of enemy spotters. In addition, a collaborator was detained who was preparing “lists” of Ukrainians who were planned to be killed.

Detention of enemy henchmen

The SBU exposed an agent , who collected data on the location of important objects and military units.

In Sumy, the head of one of the city's NGOs turned out to be an enemy intelligence agent. He tried to hand over lists of territorial defense fighters and local patriots to the invaders. Two more enemy informers were detained in the Donetsk region.

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