SBU neutralizes Russian agents who planned to correct rocket attacks on the Dnieper


SBU neutralized Russian agents who planned to correct the missile attacks on the Dnieper

SBU neutralized Russian agents/SBU

SBU officers in Dnipro detained a Russian agent who was collecting information about the location of mobile communications facilities and Ukrainian military units.

According to the SBU, his “connector” in Russia was one of the pro-Kremlin bloggers, who had more than 300 thousand subscribers.

The agent turned to him for assistance in appointing him to a position in the occupation administration in the event of the seizure of the region.

The SBU detained another traitor

Another traitor detained in Donetsk region.He transmitted to the enemy information about the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and critical infrastructure facilities in the territory of the Kramatorsk region.

In the Zhytomyr region, the SBU neutralized a group of enemy Internet agents, which included a Russian citizen. Attackers distributed propaganda publications through social networks in support of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Enemy agitators were also exposed in the region, who publicly urged local residents to support the occupiers and justify their crimes, – reported in the SBU.

On June 8, the Security Service of Ukraine detained a Russian agent who helped the occupiers and was in Kyiv. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison for correcting rocket attacks on energy and water supply facilities.

“It is established that he was recruited in 2014, received a passport of a Russian citizen, and then was transferred to the “standby mode”. the beginning of full-scale aggression, the attacker began to carry out hostile instructions,” said Artem Dekhtyarenko, spokesman for the department.

The collaborator was preparing terrorist attacks in the South

According to the speaker, the SBU has exposed more than 160 enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups since the start of Russia's full-scale invasion. About a thousand people were suspected of crimes against Ukraine.


He noted that, in particular, an enemy agent was detained, who recognized the deployment of Ukrainian artillery and special forces on the Southern Front. The man also prepared terrorist attacks on the territory of military garrisons and critical infrastructure facilities.

Propaganda on the Internet

A network of online communities in the Dnipropetrovsk region justified Russia's aggression. The SBU managed to detain her administrator. She was one of the agitators supervised by the Russian special services. The woman distributed Kremlin propaganda in Ukraine, Belarus and the so-called Transnistria.

Publications were distributed in various social networks. In particular, those blocked on the territory of Ukraine. The woman received money for such “services”.

“According to all the exposed facts, urgent investigative and operational actions continue. Their goal is to identify and bring to justice all those involved in crimes against Ukraine” , – added Dekhtyarenko.

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