SBU stands behind liquidation of odious collaborator in Melitopol, – expert


SBU stands behind liquidation of odious collaborator in Melitopol, - expert

The liquidation of the famous Melitopol collaborator Ivan Tkach, as well as other traitors in the occupied territory, was carried out by the Security Service of Ukraine

According to political scientist Alexei Golobutsky, this is confirmed by sources in the SBU.

According to the expert, the elimination of traitors and odious collaborators has already become a system for the special services.

“In fact, all the “cotton” in the occupied territories was authored by the SBU. Obviously, these successes of the Service would not have been possible without the support of our citizens awaiting de-occupation,” Golobutsky emphasizes.

According to the political scientist, even local supporters of the Russian world are no longer eager for leadership positions.

If in the first months there were many outcasts in the occupied territories who wanted to take leadership positions in administrations, then after the “cases of spontaneous combustion” there were much fewer of them. Such positions are now considered “deadly” and even fans of the “Russian world” are in no hurry to take on dangerous work,” writes Golobutsky.

“Temporarily acting governor” Balitsky is called “temporarily alive” by his subordinates. I would not be surprised if the head of the SBU Malysh comes to him and the “temporarily alive” Balance in nightmares. With a kind smile, he offers collaborators a generous choice: a coffin or handcuffs. I think that the “temporarily living” have little time to choose,” the political scientist sums up.

Recall that in the center of Melitopol on March 14, the famous collaborator Ivan Tkach was blown up. He was engaged in the transportation of Russian military and, in particular, mercenaries of the Wagner PKK to the line of combat in the Zaporozhye region.

Earlier, the Chairman of the SBU, Vasily Malysh, noted that “death is the only prospect that we can offer the enemy” and emphasized that “”cotton” burned, burns and will burn.”

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