Scammers Send “Letters of Happiness” After WhatsApp Policy Changes

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Scammers Send “Letters of Happiness” After WhatsApp Policy Changes

Fraudsters began to send out “letters of happiness” that WhatsApp will be paid if their conditions are not met.

WhatsApp's new privacy policy came into effect on May 15th. The messenger will send account credentials, transaction details and other information to Facebook. For those who did not accept such conditions, reading and sending messages will become unavailable.

Now users began to receive messages that the messenger will become paid. To prevent this from happening, you need to forward this message to 10 contacts.

Users are assured that after that they will be considered active, and the account will remain free.

Experts believe that this is a targeted campaign to discredit the messenger, built on the principles of viral marketing, RIA Novosti reports.

Therefore, it is not worth taking such messages seriously and responding to them, experts advise.

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