Scandal with “drunken parties”: the third defendant was sent into custody


Scandal with

In the case of “drunken parties” in Kyiv, there is progress. The third defendant in the case was taken into custody.

On March 22, the police handed suspicion to another organizer of “drunken parties” where girls were bullied. The case gained publicity in February, when social networks began to spread information about the violence.

The suspect was taken into custody

Oleg Zakhar, 21, who is the third party organizer, was sent into custody with an alternative bail of 402,000 hryvnias. The case is under investigation for sexual assault.

The court approved the demand of the prosecutor's office, which insisted on keeping the suspect in custody. At the same time, the party organizer's lawyer requested that the motion be dismissed outright.

Suspect Oleg Zakhar / Photo by Watchers.Media

The trial was held behind closed doors. The hearing was attended only by members of the suspect's support group. Four of them declared their readiness to take the suspect on bail.

What is known about drunken parties

  • A group of guys from Ivano-Frankivsk organized “drunken parties” in Kyiv. On average, the perpetrators were 20 years old. The guys invited the girls to parties, where they were soldered, and then mocked them.
  • “Heroes” also decided to brag about it in social networks. They shared photos and videos from parties on social media. The guys dumped all the blame for what they did on “frivolous girls who knew where they were going.”
  • Two suspects in this case have already received their first sentences. Andriy Yarina and Yaroslav Dombrovsky will be held in custody until at least April 1, 2023.

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