Scholz said that the promised state-of-the-art IRIS-T air defense systems and Cobra radar “will soon be” in Ukraine


Scholz said promised state-of-the-art IRIS-T air defense systems and Cobra radar

Olaf Scholz made another batch of promises. This time, he said that the ultra-modern IRIS air defense systems and the Cobra radar will soon be in Ukraine.

Scholz, who still believes in “good Russians”, made the corresponding statement during the open door day federal government. The chancellor was asked why Germany does not supply Ukraine with armored personnel carriers.

In response, Scholz said that his country supplies “a lot of weapons.” The Chancellor stressed that they are talking about “the most modern and efficient equipment.”

In addition, Scholz assured that ultra-modern IRIS-T air defense systems and Cobra radars will soon be promised in Ukraine.

What the German Foreign Ministry said about IRIS-T air defense

Annalena Berbock, German Foreign Minister, noted in an interview in July: partner countries do not always have in their stocks what Ukraine needs. The minister called IRIS-T one of the most advanced air defense systems.

Then Burbock noted that IRIS-T is still at the production stage. The head of the German Foreign Ministry expressed the hope that Ukraine will be able to receive air defense at the end of the summer.

In addition, in the summer it became known that Germany plans to transfer COBRA, the legendary radar systems, to Ukraine. Operational Command South said: COBRA can locate up to 40 artillery batteries in 2 minutes.

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