School director in Kyiv may have a Russian passport: her son is a Gauleiter


School director in Kyiv may have a Russian passport: her son is a Gauleiter

A loud scandal is brewing in one of the schools in Kyiv. The parents claim that the director has a Russian passport and visits the occupied Crimea.

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Olga Slobodyanyuk, principal of the Kyiv School No. 292, allegedly left for the temporarily occupied Crimea at the beginning of the war and left her place of work. Parents say that she returned only six months later.

Maybe a Russian passport

The author of the publication convinces that Slobodyanyuk left Ukraine for the occupied Evpatoria. Her son is the deputy prosecutor of this city. The father, daughter and sister allegedly have Russian passports.

Moreover, they claim that the ex-principal of the school also has a Russian passport. Photos were found on Instagram, where Olga is having fun in one of the restaurants in Evpatoria, and her daughter in a kokoshnik and beads from bagels celebrates Maslenitsa.

Daughter Slobodyanyuk celebrates Maslenitsa / Photo from Instagram

The comments noted that the director left Crimea in the spring of 2014, when the occupation began. She switched to Ukrainian and was torn between school and her family, which remained in Evpatoria.

Slobodyanyuk in Evpatoria / Photo from Instagram

The court reinstated the director

Before the full-scale war, Olga Slobodyanyuk headed the school for about 6 years. However, they note that she left the educational institution to the mercy of fate and returned only in July 2022.

However, later the Shevchenko Court of Kyiv reinstated the director. The city seems to have to pay compensation of 100,000 hryvnia.

The authors of the post claim that the school principal was probably fired because she was absent from the workplace. The dismissal took place in violation of the procedure, so Slobodyanyuk filed a lawsuit to be reinstated and compensated.

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