School uniforms began to be chipped in China

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School uniforms began to be chipped in China

Parents of Chinese schoolchildren can now monitor the movements of their children in real time: in Zhuhai elementary school, students' uniforms were equipped with special microchips.

“Our educational institutions already have face recognition devices, but we keep up with the times and come up with new ways to always stay aware of what the child is doing and where he is,” says the school administration.

Parents can track absolutely all movements of their child, up to whether he went to the toilet and when he left school. If a student finds himself in some kind of dangerous situation, the microchip will send a signal to parents or teachers on their mobile phone, France Info reports.

Not all parents were enthusiastic about the innovation. Many people compare the chips to electronic bracelets that are put on the feet of criminals. But the school considers the fears of adults to be understandable.

In China, children often run away from school and spend hours playing video games in computer clubs. There are also many known cases of child abduction for the purpose of physical violence.

– In order to prevent this from happening in the future, we went on this experiment, – say the teachers. – You are not surprised by video cameras that are installed everywhere, so why should microchips surprise you? They are for the safety of children, not for spying on them.

In the Middle Kingdom, they are also experimenting with a system of brain activity trackers – electrodes are connected to the child's head and measure the activity of his brain in real time. The collected data makes it possible to monitor the psychological state of schoolchildren – to prevent their depression or bouts of aggression.

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