Scientist explains the protection of people with asthma from coronavirus

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Scientist explains the protection of people with asthma from coronavirus

A group of Israeli scientists, studying statistics on the coronavirus, came to the conclusion that patients with bronchial asthma are 30 percent less likely to be infected with the coronavirus. The protection of such patients from COVID-19 was explained to RIA Novosti by the author of the study, the head of the department of proactive medicine at Leumit, Evgeny Merzon.

According to him, such data are associated with the fact that people with asthma have fewer receptors in the lungs responsible for the penetration of the virus into the body. However, according to the physician, there may be another explanation for this phenomenon, associated with the behavior of those suffering from bronchial asthma.

According to the specialist, this may be due to the fact that patients understand that they have an increased risk of complications, so they are more serious and more attentive to the recommendations that were published by both the Centers for Disease Control and the Ministry of Health.

Earlier, scientists from Tel Aviv University found that people with bronchial asthma are one third less likely to get sick with COVID-19. On the ability of the disease to reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus. Experts analyzed data on more than 37 thousand people who were tested for coronavirus in February-June 2020. The diagnosis was confirmed in 2266 people. Among those who contracted the coronavirus, there were only 153 asthmatics.

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