Scientist put forward a theory about the evolution of all life into crabs

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The scientist put forward the theory of the evolution of all life into crabs

Netizens are actively discussing the theory put forward by British scientists, according to which all living things evolve into crab-like forms. Writes about this Daily Star.

This assumption goes back to an article by researcher Lancelot Borradail, in which he uses the word “carcinization” to describe nature's attempts to create a crab. According to the scientist, crabs have a very good body shape. To achieve this, nature has made five attempts.

“There has to be some evolutionary advantage to being such a crab-like form,” said Heather Bracken-Grissom, an expert on marine invertebrates and associate professor at Florida International University.

Earlier, scientists at the University of Southampton in the UK found that the Earth was habitable due to coincidence. It turned out that habitable planets are much rarer than previously thought.

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